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Word Template Barcoding

Postby bdobson » Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:21 am

There have been updates to the Word add in, adding a lot of functionality that users have requested:

1) There is now an options dialog that allows setting of the point size for the barcode (all the other options are still there.)

2) It is now possible to barcode several, or thousands, of strings at once. To use, code the data with these tags [C128]DATA_HERE[/C128] and run the auto barcode macro in the menu. This macro will search through the entire document to find the [C128] tags, and when it does it will barcode everything in between them as a Code 128 barcode.

3) Even better, the auto barcode macro can be set in the options menu to run whenever a document is opened. For instance, if you have a system that creates word documents (or rtf, or anything that word will open,) you can put the [C128] tags in the template for it, and do the export and generate a file. When that file is opened, the macro (if configured to in the options dialog) will search through that document and barcode everything between those tags.

4) Lastly, you can also configure the macro to automatically print the document after running the auto barcode macro, saving a lot of time.

These tags can also be installed for mail merge functionality, before the merge is done around the field tag, but I still recommend the Excel add in for mail merges from Excel because it is a lot quicker. Nonetheless, this is an excellent options for those of us exporting documents to Word format and needing to batch barcode.

Also, this is a free substantial upgrade for registered users, so if you are currently a registered user, please install the latest version. It's well worth the time to install it.
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