using the Excel Add-in in Access

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using the Excel Add-in in Access

Postby brendagundersen » Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:37 pm

Although I understand that the Code128WinLarge font was created for use in Excel, I'm holding out hope that there's a way to make it work in MS Access. I can set the font of an Access report field to the font Code128WinLarge and a barcode is displayed but of course when scanned it doesn't return the value of the barcode (in fact it doesn't return anything at all...) The barcode is visibly different from the same value as a barcode in Excel.
I'm not too familiar with check digits and such so I don't really understand what's happening... any wisdom you can impart here? Am I on a wild goose chase for an easy solution when there is none?

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Re: using the Excel Add-in in Access

Postby bdobson » Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:19 am

Hi Brenda,

The code 128 font is very extensible. I know that the COM DLL available below has been used successfully in Access.

It's easy to call from standard VBA, but I have not used VBA in Access. As far as I know it's no different, you essentially create a reference to it in your VBA project, and call that function from Access.

I found an article on that here:

I'll give some thought to it and perhaps create an add in for Access in the not too distant future...

Thanks for bringing it up!
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